Mazur as he was.

    It was very difficult to communicate with him. It impossible it measure Mazur and his activity with any measures or rules as it was impossible to do it as to the activity of Pikasso, Dali or to others who were like to them. Any measures or rules are applicable only to their followers works. Mazur's activity is not comparable with any directions. Aleksei himself said that he had been grown on the modern, but it seems to me that exactly saying he had grown out of the modern as it was possible to grow out of the baby's shorts.

   "Other-wordly" - is the abstract meaning that can precisely describe the Mazur's style as he did not keep to any limits or prohibitions in the world of his imaginations. He could connect perfectly in - compatible things in his works. For instance horses and fish, insects and weapons, of all times simultaneously, reptiles and spaceships...

   Everythings that was seemed to impossible for others was entirely natural, normal and organic for Mazur's works.

   "It is not so simple" - used to say. And he created absolutely parodoxal cycle about horsemen with not less parodoxal title "Peter's funs". Then followed absolutely shocking cycle "Signs of the Zodiac" and many, many other incredible works, that can lead to distraction. But it is the first impression. At the closer examination of Mazur's hybrids of fauna and technics, horses with sad eyes of beautiful maidens, spiteful dragons and touching fish yu begin to understand, that all they are not a heap of different things. Every one of them is subordinated to his own definite logics, the master's logics, the world of whom is not made too tight with common meanings. They are certainly subordinated to the Genius' logics.

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